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Tenders/ Accreditations

We know that your tender processes often require extremely fast answering times, so we are prepared to provide you with a fast and efficient service so that you can prepare and close your proposals for tenders and take advantage of all the opportunities that the market offers.

We have extensive experience in translating documents for tender processes (CoA, ISOs, Apostilles, Certificates to Foreign Government, etc.) which has allowed us to study the necessary terminology, formats and formalities so that your translations are not a weakness but a STRENGTH for your tender team.

Likewise, we have a wide variety of formats already validated, presented and accepted without problems, which allows us to deliver translations quickly in:

We know that during the accreditation process, the most important part is the quality of translations, since your documentation (Protocols, Certificates, Minutes, etc.) will be reviewed by experts from foreign entities; that is why we offer you translations that are not only linguistically correct but also contain technical terminology in a way that is appropriate to the context of your documents (e.g. Medical Management Protocols, Good Manufacturing Practices Certificates, Civil defense plans, etc.).

Likewise, we have already participated in accreditation processes of several Medical and Pharmaceutical institutions, which has allowed us to consolidate our strengths in order to contribute to the achievement of your objectives. This is why we can offer you documents of the highest quality in:

In addition, to further streamline your processes we can offer you:

  • Service of picking up and sending Originals and Translations directly to your offices.
  • Subscription of Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Service of legalization process before the MRE.
  • Own server for sending large files.
  • Interpreters for your teleconferences and inspection visits.

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