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We have extensive experience in the translation of documents that are usually managed by the areas of Regulatory Affairs, Research and Development, Control and Quality Assurance, Marketing, Tenders, etc., such as:

ISOs, GMPs, Certificates for Foreign Government, Pharmacopoeia (US, Ph Eur, JP, etc.), Certificates of Analysis, Brochures, Safety and Efficacy Studies, Stability Studies; Health registrations; Pharmacovigilance Documents, Product Characteristics Summaries (Technical Data Sheets), Clinical Trial Documents, Marketing Applications, OTC Renewals, Documentation of New WFIs, Drug Registration Records; Research reports, etc.

This is why we already have formats and terms validated for this type of documents, which allows us to work at the speed that fits your needs.

We have collaborators with scientific and medical training (including health management), who have already accumulated tens of thousands of words from their experience in translation (simple and certified) of documents such as:

Researcher’s Brochure, Patient Information Sheets; Informed Consents; Product monographs; Reports of Adverse Reactions, Health Management Documentation, Medical records and information for the patient; Research Articles; User guides (IFU, instructions for use); Approvals, Resolutions and Notifications related to the Ministry of Health, DIGEMID; Documents related to Ethics Committees; Protocols of Procedure for Accreditation, Biomedical Books; Reviews; Clinical Trials; Letters to the Author; Doctoral Theses; Books; Journals; Posters; Reports.

That is why we already have a validated internal dictionary that willmake your documents not only well-translated but also with the appropriate terminology.

From the beginning we have had professionals with experience in Intellectual Property (both distinctive signs and inventions, and new technologies) that will make your documents translated quickly and in accordance with the terminology of the field like Nice and PCT, that is why we are able to translate documents such as:

Invention patens; Utility models; Industrial Designs, Technical Reports, ISRs, PAJ documents, USPTO, EU, etc .; Descriptive Memories; Claims, Living Sample Deposit Certificates; Descriptive Memorandums, Assignments, Resolutions, Appeals, Reconsiderations, Product Description, Trademark Certificates; Oppositions; Tests of Use, Nice Classification, Demands, Letters of Instructions, Searches, etc.